How do I sign up and log in to zeroone?

You can sign up and log in using any social account, or a web3 wallet.

Can I use zeroone without a web3 wallet?

Yes, you can choose from several social login options like Facebook or Google.

Can I sign up for zeroone with a web3 wallet like MetaMask?

Yes, you can choose from several web3 wallet options.

How can I mint a creation on zeroone?

After signing up and setting up your account, go to the Create page and upload your creation or content. Follow the steps to complete the information, upload the files, and confirm your minting action.

Is there a limit to the number of creations I can mint daily?

Yes, you can create one every day (24hs cooldown since your last creation).

Is there a max edition size for each creation?

Yes, the max edition size is 100 (one hundred).

Do I have to pay gas fees to mint and collect on zeroone?

No, all transaction costs are covered by the platform.

Are all creations free to collect in zeroone?

Yes, the primary sale on zeroone is free to collect.

Is there a limit to the number of creations I can collect daily?

Yes, you can collect as many creations as Collect Passes you have available.

How do Collect Passes work?

Each collect pass allows you to collect a creation. Every time you mint a creation your collect passes increase to 10 (ten). This allows a โ€œcreate 1 collect 10โ€ logic that encourages the exchange of creations between creators.

How does zeroone handle gas fees and web3 wallet interactions?

Minting and collecting creations on zeroone is free, without the need for direct web3 wallet interactions.

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